An Ideal bone graft for dental Implement procedures

Clinical applications:

70/30 Cortical/Candellous MixIdeal blend of cortical and candellous bone eliminates the need to mix multiple products.​

· Extraction site grafting
· Periodontal defects
· Lateral and vertical ridge augmentation
· Sinus grafting
· Peri-implant defects
· Composite grafting
0.5cc Corticocancellous Mineralized​
1 cc Corticocancellous Mineralized Bone​
2 cc Corticocancellous Mineralized Bone​
• Socket preservation 
• GBR 
• Periodontal defects 
• Grafting around exposes implant threads 
• Internal sinus lift
· Socket preservation
· Grafting around exposes implant threads
· Tunnel bone graft
· Internal and external sinus lift
· Vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation
· Multiple teeth Socket preservation
· External sinus lift
· Large bony defects
· Regeneration of gaps around block grafts